Applying for Agency Membership

Nonprofits and agencies can now submit an application for membership through this website. Please Note: Membership is not required to access the Baltimore Hygiene Bank. To request temporary access for your agency, please see the link above. 

All membership applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. Your organization may be contacted if additional details or further clarity is needed. Before submitting a membership application, agencies can schedule a membership consultation to learn more about the program and further determine if the program is a good fit. 

Upon approval, agencies will receive an invoice to pay Annual Membership Fees. See below for current membership fees. 

Accessing the Baltimore Hygiene Bank without Membership

Nonprofits and agencies may also access the Baltimore Hygiene Bank without a formal membership. This is best for agencies that will make very few requests and/or groups that provide a short-term / temporary service. Accessing the Baltimore Hygiene Bank without membership is allowed on a case-by-case basis. This option is best for agencies that will use the Baltimore Hygiene Bank infrequently. 

Request temporary access to the Baltimore Hygiene Bank using the button below.

For any additional questions or concerns, please email