Sustainability meets Affordability 

CLEAN by BHB is an initiative designed to provide marketplace customers with a quality yet sustainable option for meeting their most critical and basic personal and household hygiene needs. CLEAN provide 3 basic hygiene items: 

  • Body Wash (which doubles as Shampoo)
  • Dish Soap / Cleaning Solution (Multi-Purpose / Multi-Surface)
  • Disinfectant Spray

Each of these products is ethnically sourced and without dyes, harmful chemicals. 

How it works: 

Order reusable bottles (optional)
Order refills as needed (for your first purchase, you will receive one free per item - buy 1 body wash, get 1 body wash) 
Once you run out, return in your prepaid envelope for refill (make sure they are empty + dry)
We refill and return (with tracking). 
Easy - Peasy.